Tastiechicken Enterprise Catering Services (TECS)

If you live in the greater Toronto area, Tastiechicken Enterprise now offers catering services to cater to all your culinary and special occasion needs. Tastiechicken Enterprise Catering Services (TECS) will provide crispy and delicious fried or juicy and succulent oven-baked chicken dishes for all your special occasion needs at an affordable price. We will also provide the best accompaniment meals to all your chicken dishes at a competitive price. Some of our featured side dishes include salad, Tastiechicken Superdelicious rice, baked potatoes, wraps and any other side dish that you would want for that special occasion. If you are a fish or seafood lover, we will also provide oven-baked salmon or any other kind of fish or shrimps marinated with Tastiechicken Seasoning Mix and served with fried rice or Tastiechicken Superdelicious rice and salad.

For more information on our catering services or for a price quote, please contact us via email at [email protected] or by phone at 647-973-2000.

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